I have spent too long waiting to work out what to do with my writings. So here I am. I chose the name for this blog because I wanted to keep it simple and clear and true. I do like to play with words and use them to paint pictures and express emotion, but at the end of the day I try not to waffle or strangle myself with them!

Pure therefore does not reflect any connotations of religious leanings or beliefs. My views on that are personal and although I reflect from time to time on the spiritual or ‘otherness’ of things yet unknown. I am blogging to share mainly good, positive things. No more or less. If people read and are encouraged, I am happy. Life can be a bumpy ride for us all at the best of times. Sometimes you find yourself climbing, crawling or circling the bumps in your road. Sometimes you get air and pray you’ll land softly with all your bones intact. I hope that whatever is happening for you is good and if it isn’t, that you know there are places and spaces to take a breath…like beside my big river above. Wherever you are, whatever is happening, you aren’t alone, things do pass and change. See you on the road…CC


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