Simple secrets to happiness

via Daily Prompt: Simple

I often get asked why I don’t look my age and why I am so “happy”.  The answers to me are always simple and may end up being part of other blogs, but for now, in a time when there is so much in the world that is disturbing and dark, I thought I’d start off with some basic stuff. (Please be aware I am new to blogging so this is all out of my comfort zone!)

When I was small, my grandmother caught me preening in front of my mirror and gently told me that beauty didn’t magically appear on your face. Not real and lasting beauty anyway. She told me that what lived in my heart would show up on my face…if I made ugly thoughts and attitudes welcome in my inner self, my face would reflect those things. She used words that a lively nine year old would understand and my imaginative little self definitely got the message.

Life hasn’t necessarily been kind. I’d love to say otherwise but I’ve travelled over some very rough terrain at times and despair, anger and hopelessness have been constant companions. In spite of that I’ve always kept the spark of happiness alive, even when it has shrunk to a matchstick-size flame struggling against the winds of turmoil. If you can look beyond yourself and see the positive potential in even the worst of times, then that flame won’t be extinguished.

Simple doesn’t always mean easy. Determination and perspiration are sometimes involved. Deciding to be happy is actually a thing. But it pays dividends within your own soul and the souls of those around you. You can actually change your world for the better when your heart and mind switch from negative to positive. I work with the elderly every day and I prove it constantly.

In terms of my appearance, if you saw me, you wouldn’t necessarily notice me as anything remotely stunning or special. Apparently though I look younger than I ought to and my usual response to the surprise that people express when they find out I am 50 and want to know my secret is “face cream and good intentions.” It doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult or complicated. Looking good and feeling good begin inside. When that flows outwards it can be infectious. Simple.



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